Friday, September 27, 2013


I had to write a blog about the hottest rappers now. 
sitting at the top is no other then the king of New York Kendrick Lamer
 Kendrick has been one of the most hottest rapper since 2011
number 2 Drizzy Drake 
 Drake album Nothing was the Same just got leaked Sep.16th and every one is talking about him good and bad. But you know haters goin' to hate.
number 3 who else could it be you can call him Titty Boy or you can call him 2 chains 

number 4 Kanye west. Mr.west is really popular in the media right now, especially on twitter.  

number 5 jigga man, Jay-Z

number 6 Lil Wayne, He just dropped a dedication 5 

Ricky Ross the biggest boss number 7

number 8 Future 

number 9 A$AP Rocky 

number 10  chief keef ..he ain't done turnin' up yet 

numbers 11 Migo Gang got the streets blastin' with their mixtape

Number 12 Ricg Homie Quan got everybody feelin some typa way 
number 13 BIG GUWAP!! He is a trending topic

We gotta put Hannah Montana on here i mean did you hear her verse on juicy j new song 23?

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